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Friday, September 24, 2010

An assault on YU Essar’s Island

Safaricom Kenya, the Kenya’s leading mobile operator has unleashed terror on Yu Essar’s (the latest entrant in mobile communication and the fastest growing mobile network in Kenya) comfort zone. The introduction of Kshs999 per month for unlimited data delivery by safaricom Kenya Ltd is something that has sends Yu Essar think tanks to the drawing board. It is no hidden fact that Yu Essar accumulated its customer’s base due to its unwavering offer of kshs1000 for unlimited data per month to thousands of people who needed affordable data services countrywide but could not afford because of the prices offered by Kenya’s 2 major mobile Telecommunication Company’s. Safaricom Ltd and Zain Kenya played hard on Kenyan’s by mercilessly charging high rates on data bundles as high as Kshs8 per MB (Megabyte), with the cheapest bundle being Kshs2500 for 1 GB. This did not go down well with many Kenyan’s but since there was no option Kenyan’s had to brace themselves for those hard times.
Several months after YU Essar entered the world of mobile communications in Kenya, Yu announced that it was going to unveil its data delivery service by giving unlimited access to the internet to its customers at a cost of kshs50 per day and kshs1000 for monthly subscribers. The need and hunger and drive to have an affordable, unlimited access to the internet led many Kenyans to receive YU Essar with open arms. It wasn’t long before internet savvy Kenyans began unlocking their safaricom and Zain modems to take advanced of this offer long before YU Essar released their modems to the market.

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