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Monday, May 30, 2011

Airtel internet modem rates and data bundles for mobile

Airtel has unveiled various categories of internet data bundles charges that include;

Aritel Prepaid internet bundles that have no expiry date,
Unlimited prepaid internet plan that ranges from 1day to 30days,
Unlimited post paid plans for 24hrs per day,
Unlimited postpaid plans for only nights and weekends
post paid internet bundles with no expiry date
There are two categories in the Airtel prepaid data bundle plans,
Bharti Airtel Prepaid internet data bundles plan with no expiry date
a) Subscribe for 10 mb data bundle @ kshs ..
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  3. after 6 years i finally published my lyrics

  4. Airtel Data rates are still unstable there is only one option for monthly subscription and they removed daily unlimited subscriptions without warning.

  5. Tis comin fast, wacha saf


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