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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Airtel Kenya internet data and modem

Airtel Kenya internet data and modem: How to make it work

The following procedure will explain how to make your Airtel Kenya modem work

How to make airtel Kenya internet data service work

Airtel Kenya is a mobile telephone company in Kenya. Airtel Kenya is also the second largest mobile company in Kenya. Airtel Kenya's main area of interest is data, voice communication and mobile banking. Airtel Kenya data service is mainly mobile, meaning that users can access the internet from anywhere countrywide as long as there is Airtel Kenya Network coverage.

To begin using Airtel Kenya Modem
  1. connect your Airtel Kenya modem to one of the USB ports on your computer
  2. start Airtel Kenya Zain e-GO application if the autorun is off
  3. on the tools menu click on options
  4. Under options choose profile Management then New
  5. Type the name of your new profile (optional)
  6. in the APN tab choose static and type ke.celtel.com in the box below
  7. Save the changes and click OK
  8. now you can enjoy Airtel Kenya data services just by using your new created profile to connect
I have been using Airtel Kenya 3G Modem for sometime now and i see there are some seriousness than YU though it is too early to make conclutions because these ISPs change their policies now and then. By the way don't stick to one ISP if they take your money however small they think it is and don't give you satisfactory results seek for an alternative

airtel Kenya data bundle, 

WARNING: The airtel machine is known to deduct money from your credit account even when the service you are subscribing to is not available. It happened to me several times and a call to customer care is as useless as it is! So don't blame me, the service is unpredictable!! Enjoy being Kenyan and stop being proud to be Kenyan, Pride leads to nowhere!! Seriously


  1. Airtel Kenya is not that bad but i think they should improve the quality of their services buy upgrading their mobile internet system to something like real 3G


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