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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yu data bundles

How to Subscribe to Yu Data Bundles



JUST AS funny it sounds in case you are serious about using Yu data bundles then the following information might prove useful. Yu data bundles are available in different categories, there are Yu unlimited data bundles and Yu MB bundles measured in megabytes. All Yu data bundles ends at midnight, meaning subscribing to any Yu data bundle is better done exactly after midnight to enjoy all the24hours or few hours after midnight but this is just a suggestion not a law and you have a right to decide which way you want your money spend.
Now that you have made up your mind that you want to use Yu data bundles begin by dialing *121 then #
Step 2: choose option 6 for data from the list.
Once you are thru with step 2 go to step 3
In Step 3: choose
  • a) Reply with 1 to get data for ksh2 per MB
  • b) Reply with 2 to get 10MB for Ksh7 per day
  • c) Reply with 3 to get 25mb for ksh15 per day
  • d) Reply with 4 to get unlimited data per day for ksh39 per day
  • e) Ignore option 5 and 6 if satisfied with the above info
Step 4 .
In step 4 choose option 1 to confirm your subscription for Yu data bundles. You should now see YOUR REQUEST IS BEING PROCESSED. -->