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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Insurance Companies in Kenya

Insurance Products like cover are the heart of Insurer life:

Definition and list of Insurance Companies in Kenya

Insurance companies in kenya: Insurance is a kind of risk management basically used to finance against the risk of uncertain occurrence. It is translated as equitable transfer of a loss from one party to another in exchange for payment.
Below are definitions of some languages used in day to day insurance business:-
  1. Insurance Policy
Now, this is the contract, which explains or details the conditions and circumstances under which you as the insured will benefit.
  1. Policy Holder
This is the person buying the insurance policy.
  1. Indemnity
Simply explained as Compensation
  1. Premium
When a certain risk has been identified, the insurer set a certain amount to be charged for that coverage. It is the amount you as an insured party pays every month or every year for that particular risk to the insurance company Get your insurance today!
The following list is an incomplete list for insurance companies in kenya. Help us list more insurance companies in kenya

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  1. May you advice me on which Insurance company in Kenya is best for third party


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