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Friday, July 13, 2012

Safaricom data Bundles

Safaricom data bundles have been reduced and simplified. 

Safaricom Data bundles : prices and how to purchase them

After Safaricom scrapped the unlimited data bundle subscription, the company hopes that the new data bundle tariff plan would work great for most Kenyans. The new data bundles tariff allows Safaricom subscribers to purchase data bundles as low as 40MB minimum at shs50.

The safaricom's new data bundles are as follows
50/= gives you 40MB of safaricom data bundle
100/= gives you 80MB of safaricom data bundle
250/= gives you 200MB of safaricom data bundle
500/= gives you 500MB of safaricom data bundle
With 1000 bob you get 1.5GB of safaricom data bundle

You can also directly purchase safaricom data bundles without the need to reload airtime into your account first by simply dialing *544*Voucher PIN#. If the voucher is worth 50/= then automatically you will receive 40MB data worth from safaricom. Because both Safaricom and Airtel have their strengths and weaknesses in the sense that the coverage network areas for each service provider differs on location favourability, The new Safaricom data bundle plan is timely and acceptable though it is not evident whether it is here with us to stay save for minor updates that are driven by changes in the mobile data market or it is just another game to temporarily bridge the gap left by the unlimited data bundles..