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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

skrill online payment method

Skrill : an online payment system



Skrill is a rebrand of Moneybookers which is an e-commerce business that allows payment transactions to be made through the internet. individuals using Moneybookers rebranded skrill, the payment system offers an online deposit account and a low-cost, internet-based alternative to traditional money transfer methods such as cheques, money orders and wire transfers. Users with merchant accounts, Skrill or Moneybookers allows accepting online payments made with major payment cards like Visa and Mastercard or Skrill's own online accounts.

Skrill ownership

The Skrill  payment system is owned and operated by Moneybookers Limited which is a company based in the united Kingdom and registered as a money service business.

As of date Skrill allows for sending and receiving payments to and from 200 countries around the world using 41 different currencies,

Skrill regional availability

Skrill supports major credit and debit cards and around almost 100 local payment options that covers the majority of a good number of economies. Some countries in the United states and United Kingdom are included on the Skrill economic sanctions list.

Sometimes since 2008, Unuted States based customers could not receive money from non-US Skrill  account holders, and either way non-United States customers could not upload funds or send payments using United States payment cards or bank accounts. As of February 2013, United States remained among the countries not included on the list of supported countries.

As a Skrill user you can hold an account in any of the major currencies but once you begin transacting you cannot change the accounts currency since use of multiple currencies are not supported.

As an Individual customer, you can open an account with Skrill by registering with your email address and some personal data on Skrill’s website.

Skrill identity verification

To complete your identity verification which is rather optional, you will be required to send or receive higher value payment. Skrill Accounts are identified by email address(es) associated with any given account.

Payments from Skrill’s account are sent to an email account and once an email address has been assigned to Skrill account, it cannot be altered or removed. As a Skrill account holder you can add upto 4 different email addresses per account.

For marchant accounts, Skrill offers a payment gateway, escrow payments as well as web SMS and fax sending services.