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Sunday, February 10, 2013

21Mbps Modem from safaricom Kenya

Facts about Safaricom 21Mbps Modem
ith the introduction of the 21Mbps modem by safaricom Kenya ltd the leading mobile service provider in Kenya, your ability to download and upload large files at a fast speed increases by 700% compared with the old modem which could not operate beyond 3Mbps.
 Download and upload ability put aside, the 21Mbps modem makes your online interaction a bit more fun. Think of it, watching streaming videos from YouTube or any other streaming video from websites like YouTube now make a lot more sense. With 700% increase in speed and capacity to download and upload, your online videos should play normally like you are watching them directly from your DVD player.
Taking a simple look at the facts on the ground, your computer hardware or operating system or even your browser could be your only hindrance towards peaceful online activities.
A 21Mbps is capable of processing 21,000,000 bits of data every second. If converted into bytes you get something like 2,625,000 bytes every second. To understand the process used in converting bits into bytes, every 8 bits of data equals 1 byte.
Bits are electronic signals that the Computers CPU can understand. They are written in the following manner. “1” or “0” where 1 stands for “on” and 0 (zero) stands for “off”
Because modems only work as a communication device into modulating analog signals into bits of data that can be understood by the microcomputers brain (CPU), its core function is modulating and demodulating signals to and from the analog telephone lines to the CPU. The modem again comes into play when the (CPU) sends electronics signals (bits) to the outer world that is the telephone lines. The process in know as demodulation.  
So going by the explanation above, a 21Mbps is capable of processing 2.625 MB (megabytes) per second. If you were watching or downloading a video with 26 MB as its size it would just take only 10 seconds to download the video or store it into the memory of your browser (cache) for later viewing.
The problem with modems is that they usually operate at a reduced speed. My 3.6Mbps hardly go beyond 1Mbps meaning a 300% reduction in speed. So expect your 21Mbps to operate at 3x slower than advertised.
So instead of the 10 seconds for a 26MB video expect to wait 20 seconds more.
E1820 High speed modem
21Mbps High Speed broadband modem
The modem is worth 9,999 and comes with a free data enabled SIM card and a 20GB data