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Thursday, February 14, 2013

isp in kenya the orange fixed broadband internet

Orange Fixed boroadband internet

Orange internet has 4 types of internet connectivity allowing subscribers to choose from an array of reliable internet connection as per their usage preference.
These include:
v  Orange mobile internet
v  Orange internet wireless
v  Orange internet 3G everywhere
v  And orange internet fixed broadband
Orange fixed broadband internet
With Orange fixed broadband internet you can surf and talk using through your landline phone using livebox or ADSL modem.  The orange fixed broadband internet uses only fixed ADSL technology.
ADSL means Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). ADSL is a type of Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology which is a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over Copper telephone lines than a conventional Voice band modem.
In short orange fixed broadband internet is using a technology that allows a single telephone connection to be used for both ADSL service and voice calls at the same time.
The orange fixed broadband internet is offered through the Telkom fixed service line and has a bundled offering on internet and voice with unlimited offer that is subject to what orange Kenya calls fair usage policy.
The benefit of using orange fixed broadband internet is that it has an unlimited broadband internet connection for as low as KES2, 990 per month with up to 120 free minutes of talk time per month.
When applying for orange fixed broadband internet you are required to pay a fixed line fee of KES3, 394 for new subscription of orange fixed broadband internet code name surf and talk which comes with a live box and free desktop headset.
The orange fixed broadband internet has speeds of up to 2MB of data per second and can be compared to safaricom 21Mbps modem.
Orange fixed broadband internet also comes with free email address, free installation and support and an option to get a static IP address. A static IP address is important when you want to host your website yourself because the IP address does not change as when using mobile internet connections.
Orange Data bundle subscription
internet Speeds
256 Kbps
Free Minutes Telkom/Orange Networks
Monthly Fee
Telkom Fixed/ Orange Network
As the current tariff
Telkom Fixed to other Networks
At the current tariff
Email Address
Free email address @orange.co.ke
Device Cost (Livebox + Panasonic Handset)
Ksh 3,999


  1. Orange internet and safaricom internet which one is best?


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