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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

isp in kenya orange mobile internet

Orange internet

Orange internet has 4 types of internet connectivity allowing subscribers to choose from an array of reliable internet connection as per their usage preference.

These include:

·         Orange mobile internet

·         Orange internet wireless

·         Orange internet 3G everywhere

·         And orange internet fixed broadband

Using any of the above orange internet products on a prepaid tariff, you can either choose to pay as you go, meaning that you only pay when you are connected to the internet or use data bundles. When using data bundles the cost of data per MB reduces significantly.

Orange mobile internet

Starting with orange mobile internet, what it is, and how it works, I am going to explain in detail everything about orange mobile internet. Orange mobile internet is an orange internet on mobile phone that allows subscribers to wirelessly access internet right from their phone screen.

When using orange mobile internet, you can purchase orange data bundles or pay as you go. In case you choose to buy orange data bundles, the table below should offer clear guidance on how much the orange data bundle will cost and the validity period.

Data Bundle Bundle Cost Validity period

50MB              Ksh.100         30days

100MB            Ksh.150          30days

500MB            Ksh.500          30days

1GB                 Ksh. 750         30days

5GB                 Ksh. 2,750      30days

To buy orange data bundles for your orange mobile internet, dial *123# and choose option 3 from your phone. You can also directly purchase orange data bundles by dialing *123*3100# to purchase 50MB orange data bundle.

Data Bundle                Bundle Cost

50MB                          *123*350#

100MB                        *123*3100#

500MB                        *123*3500#

1GB                            *123*31000#

How to check your Orange mobile internet data bundles balance

To check your internet data bundle balance-

Dial *131#

You can also send an sms to 131 with 131 as the subject of your message to check data bundles balance.

Also as an option on #123# under “my account option”

Orange internet wireless