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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orange Money another mobile money

Orange Money -  another mobile money

Apart from communication and data services orange Kenya runs Orange Money which is a
mobile money service that allowing orange clients to transact as though they
were over the counter of their local bank using their Orange line. Orange
money is a product of Telkom Kenya in partnership with Equity Bank to offer orange
money service by providing orange customers with mobile banking service.

Orange money Features

With orange money, orange customers are able to transfer money to and from their bank

  • With orange money customers can access financial services through Equity
    Branches, Orange Shops and Orange Money Agents
  • With orange money facility, orange customers have access to mobile money outlets
    and over 550 Equity Bank ATMs countrywide
  • You can also use orange money to acquire and access Orange Money debit card to
    pay for goods and services at shopping outlets countrywide
  • Orange mobile money also allows orange customers access to credit facilities

Orange money transaction features

  • Orange money lets customers to deposit cash directly into their accounts at no
    charge although bank withdrawals have limit
  •  Orange mobile money users do not need minimum operating balance in order to maintain their
    orange money accounts.

Orange Money Services

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