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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kenya power electricity bill payment using mpesa

Pay your Kenya Power electricity bill with Mpesa

how to use Mpesa to pay Kenya power electricity bill

 Kenya power pay bill by mpesa is a method to pay electricity bills using mobile phone. Kenya power pay bill using Mpesa is as easy as withdrawing money from your mpesa account.
Using Mpesa it is easy to pay your Kenya power electricity bills through your mobile handset. The following procedure should suffice for those of us who cannot make it in time to pay their Kenya power electricity bill.
    • To pay your Kenya power electricity bill by mpesa please use the following instruction
    • Login to your phone Mpesa account and select pay bill.
    • In the Mpesa Menu enter business number window, enter 888888 and press OK. 888888 is the business number for Kenya power pay bill
    • The Mpesa enter account no. window should appear; enter your full Kenya Power & Lighting Company account number. Your KPLC or Kenya Power & Lighting Company account number looks similar to this 1234567-01
    • in the Mpesa Menu Enter Amount window, Enter the amount of money you would like to pay to KPLC

    • Enter your Mpesa pin and complete the transaction by pressing send/OK/confirm on your phone.
    It is that easy to pay all your Kenya power electricity bill in time. If you followed the above step by step guide correctly then paying your Kenya power electricity bills with MPesa or any other mobile money technology should be the way to go.

    Use the same business number if you are using airtel money or pesa pap to pay Kenya Power electricity bill

    To avoid disconnection, Please make sure that your KPLC or Kenya Power & Lighting Company bill payment using Mpesa is done before 48 hours to deadline because it takes 24 – 48 hours to
    verify an online transaction.

    You can always use the MPesa confirmation message for Kenya power payment bill to confirm that you have paid by showing it to Kenya power employees send to enforce disconnection. 

    Kenya Power Emergency Number 95551. Use this number also to query your Kenya power billings, prepaid and new connections, power interruptions and emergency services.


    1. Kenya power electricity bill payment is easy but sometimes complicated by the the step by step guide offered here, i believe the process of paying Kenya power electricity bill will get easier and easier

    2. can u simply tell what is the kenya power mpesa business no?

    3. Kenya power mpesa pay bill number is 6 eights or 888888

    4. what is your direct line for emergency?

    5. I sent my bill number to 5551 to check my balance but i never got a reply. What could be the problem? or is it that this number doesn't work?


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