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Friday, March 1, 2013

Olx Kenya classified ads : olx.co.ke

OLX Kenya Selling products and services online 

Olx Kenya is an online Classified ad website. An Online Classified advertising is a form of internet advertising of products or services through online channels like websites.

Before the internet, classified ads were done through newspapers which were typically short and were charged per line.

In Kenya and the world in general today classified ads are run on newspapers and online portals like olx.co.ke.

Websites like olx Kenya run free online classified ads. Newspaper classified ads
are charged as the old tradition requires.

To place a classified ad on olx Kenya

To place a classified ad on olx Kenya, Go to olx Kenya website.
  1. click on post a free ad, then  
  2. select the category of which you want your classified ad to appear. 
  3. Once are done with choosing your category, you will be redirected to a post free classified ad page where you will be required to add relevant information about the product orservice you are offering for sale.
  4. Click on post to finish and wait to be contacted by interested buyers.

Note that olx Kenya classified ads are classified in categories known as classified ads such as “for sale, wanted, and services like wiring”.

Place your classified ad in the relevant category to increase the
possibility of being found.

Just sell anything on olx Kenya

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