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Sunday, March 3, 2013

comparing Faiba Kenya as an isp in kenya

Compare Faiba Kenya as an ISP in Kenya with others

Haven't used faiba Kenya from jamii telcom as my ISP, so making a comparison here would be difficult and unethical but one thing i would want to assure you is that if you have extra money in your budget like 30k you can give it a try and see if faiba Kenya is really fiber optic. as the saying goes, fiber optic cables are more powerful than traditional copper wires mostly used in telecommunication industry.

Since the telecommunication world is moving from the old copper wire and satellite transmission, It seems that newer telecommunication products like data services are bent to use fiber optic technology as a cult. That said and done Kenya, as a nation determined to grow started out very well to implement the fiber optic infrastructure thing but it seems like the upgrade just stalled because most cables were never connected to the base stations as expected and several months down the line the pipes have started rotting and one is wondering what is wrong with Kenyans!

Take as an example  my city where i'm currently living in. Very large and a good and stable economy with proportionate population of about a hundred thousand Kenyans but no proper information infrastructure that could help steer its economy into greater heights.

This explains why most Internet Service Providers like Faiba are only able to roll out in 2 cities out of a possible 100 cities. That is Mombasa and Nairobi only and yet Kenya has more cities with enough population to make good use of these services.

If you are in one of the two cities you can opt for a try and see if faiba Kenya will live upto your expectation. for us who live outside the faiba Kenya box we can only pray that the Kenya government and the middlemen in the telecommunication industry don't mess up this opportunity to connect every city in this nation to a fiber optic backbone infrastructure.

This Atricle should not be viewed as an endorsement of faiba Kenya. As an internet user you should consult more before you engage a product. Note that the author of this website shall not be liable for any loss incurred through the use of this article.

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