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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Degree Courses at the KU

Degree courses

Kenyatta University achieved its university status in 1984. The college was established in 1965 under Kenyatta University College as it's name. Kenyatta University has it's main campus in Nairobi.

Other Campus

Mombasa campus, Nakuru campus,Pwani University College, Machakos University College

Degree Courses offered at the College

Kenyatta University is a School of Pure & Applied Sciences and offers the following Science programmes:


Course Offered

All departments



a. B.Sc (Analytical Chemistry with Management)

b. B.Sc (Industrial Chemistry with Management)


a. B.Sc (Telecommunication & Information Technology)

Biochemistry & Biotechnology

a. B.Sc (Biochemistry)

b. B.Sc (Biotechnology)

c. B.Sc (Forensic Science)

d. B.Sc.
(Molecular/Cell Biology)


B.Sc (Statistics & Programming)

Zoological Sciences

a. B.Sc (Biology)

b. B.Sc (Coastal & Marine Resources)

c. B.Sc (Animal Health)

Plant & Microbial Sciences

a. B.Sc (Microbiology)

b. B.Sc (Conservation Biology)

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