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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hostgator Web hosting review

Let me share with u my experience with hostgator web hosting. For certain i don't understand whether it is a norm in the web hosting world but my experience was kind of odd one.

I had just seen an ad on some website and was attracted to the offer. The next minute i clicked on the ad and ended up signing up with hostgator for a baby gator account. the deal seemed fine because I had just had a slight misunderstanding with Go daddy customer care on identification process of  which i got a refund.

At that time, Godaddy's least hosting service was something like a dollar up against what Hostgator baby account went for. At $7.95 per month,  i thought i  would be able to save a dollar every month compared to the deal i got from Goddady because i was also not in position to pay for over 12 or 24 months at once due to my income at the time.

The first month with hostgator was just fine but not as expected because the unlimited space they advertised was just 20GB. This was a slight disappointment because if you choose to draw customers through ads atleast fairness calls for frankness.

Despite this betrayal of trust i never thought it wise to cancel my account with hostgator. The following month the monthly hosting charges went up by 2 dollars to $9.95. This changed and affected everything. When I inquired from their customer care about this sudden change, I was notified that the $7.95 was just an offer that was valid for one month only.

First from unlimited hosting space to 20GB, then from $7.95 to 9.95 there remained no more proof that I was actually in the jaws of a real gator. I had to cancel my account immediately.

After cancelling my account, they kept sending me monthly charges

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