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Monday, May 27, 2013

Creating a blog

Creating a blog using Google blogger

In order to create a blog and be successful, that is a blog that can generate income, your blog needs to
attract a good number of visitors especially from search engines.

In the previous article I wrote about free blog hosting tools that can make life easy for a blogger. These
tools includes but not limited to Wordpress and blogger of course. There are hundreds of free CMS or
content management systems that offer free web blog hosting and also help in creating a blog.

In this post I want to limit your time by hitting at the most important aspects of creating a blog. As the
title of this page suggests, it’s all going to be about creating a blog and hosted at Google blogger.
Sign up with blogger at blogger.com using your email address.

Log in into your email and click the link sent by blogger to confirm that the email address you used
while signing up with blogger is genuine.

To start creating a blog do the following

  • Hit on the new blog button to start creating a blog
  • Type the title you want your new created blog to have
  • Type the address of the blog, e.g. mynewblog.blogspot.com.
Note: the web address is going to be the URL of your newly created blog website and users will reach
your web blog using it. If a user types the address as it is in their browser, they will be brought directly
into your blog.
Keep in mind that you can add a registered domain name to you newly created blog later so that
visitors can reach your web blog using your registered domain. A registered domain looks like this
  •     Choose a template design and hit create blog! Button
Creating a blog is that easy and should take only a few minutes. In the simplest explanation possible,
the Google blogger is a blog builder at the same time a free blog hosting tool while you’re a blog

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