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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hotels in Malindi

Hotels in Malindi | Malindi Hotels

A view of Vasco Da Gama pillar in Malindi
Welcome to Malindi one of the Kenya’s oldest towns. Malindi town is a tourist town and its reputation dates back to 15th century during the Vasco Da Gama stop over on his way to India of which he built the now famous Vasco Da Gama pillar that now stands at the shores of Indian Ocean.

Despite huge numbers of Italian tourists flocking into Malindi every year, Malindi remains neutral to all tourists both local and international.

Malindi houses several big hotels and major tourist attraction sites like the Gedi ruins, Malindi Marine Park, Mida Creek lying between Watamu and Matsangoni, The Arabuko Sokoke forest – good for camping and bird watching. 
There are also other tourist attraction sites summing up the beauty of the Town’s landscape.

Hotels in Malindi

The names of the big hotels in Malindi are like the Malindi beach hotel, Coral Key, Blue Marlin, Blue Bay in Watamu, Eden Roc, Angel’s bay in Mambrui and more. The number of classic hotels in Malindi is best at it.

Beaches in Malindi

Malindi has a spacious airport and cool beaches lying on the open heat of the tropical sun. You can decide to go fishing, Ski or just lie on the sandy beaches to feel the tropical sun of Africa.

Photos of Malindi Africa

Vasco Bridge in Malindi


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