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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

online Jobs in Kenya

Find Online Jobs from Kenya

How to begin Working from home

Online Jobs, Quickly find jobs befitting your experience

online Jobs are a reality that many people have not been able to come to terms with because the process is either diluted by spammers or con artists who direct unsuspecting users to websites that require fee for registration but offer no work once the unsuspecting user has paid the fee. In my search for online jobs I have come across many websites purporting to offer online jobs or work from home jobs as we know it. In one occasion I was directed by friend to a website offering similar online jobs. The site was well formatted with good introduction stating how one can begin earning immediately.

What made me suspicious though were two things that were obvious. Just below the introduction, there were two image thumbnail links, one for Paypal and another one for Safaricom Mpesa, when I clicked on the Paypal link because I have a paypal account, I was directed to a page where the owner of this website placed his mobile phone numbers and a short notice requesting the visitor to send 4000/= to that phone number in order to begin work. The other Mpesa Link also pointed to the same page.

Working from home requires that both parties have a clear means of payment. The mode, means and process for payment and who should pay who is critical to the point that you should not register with any website offering online jobs especially i) if the payment process is not clear, and ii) or worse if you are the one paying (There is no way as a job seeker you will be asked to pay every office you will be visiting in your search for work).

Astounding!! These kinds of websites are scattered around the internet and knowing who is who becomes difficult to the normal user, the fact being that true places where you can register and start work immediately are hidden and not always available through the normal Google search sometimes because these fake websites spam search engines to rank high in searches.

How working from home works

Once you join the network, you will be able to see thousands of online Jobs posting around the globe. The online jobs are categorized so you choose only the ones that fit you. Examples of these categories are Data Entry or Writing and Translation etc. these are just a tip of the iceberg, there are more than 20 categories with each category having subcategories branching from it. If you don’t have any experience, don’t worry there are all sort of work available like the data entry job where you just copy and paste information from one file format to another. To begin working immediately please sign up here   Online Jobs Here

Maximimize your online Job earning

To maximize your earning you will need to increase you speed. Contractors with favourable speed have recorded income of hundreds of thousands of dollars as monthly earnings.

How you get paid for an online Job

Payment is available in two forms. Fixed and Hourly. Fixed payment method is based on the entire bulk of work while hourly is based on hours worked. When you are working on fixed payment, you get paid after completing the job but when on hourly payment job method you get paid for the hours worked. It’s business and its free to join.

How to join online Job community

To join thousands of people working from home you will need a valid email address only. To sign up use the link above or click here online jobs sign up. If you are a client and looking for contractors, click here to Find contractors

Create your profile for Online Job

Once you sign up you will be required to create a profile, your profile will act as your resume and is necessary as long as your interest in working online or working from home is concerned so make sure you add necessary information that reflects the type of work you want do. For example if you want to work as a data entry clerk, the experience needed is Ms Word, Ms Excel, Windows etc. if you want to work as a Social Media Marketer you will need to understand social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Hint: remember that you will be working for both companies and individuals and on a fixed budget or hourly rate

Tools you will need
  • A computer with access to the internet
  • Email Account
  • Skype

Apply for an online job

Once you are through with your account creation and profile, it is time to search the database for jobs of your interest. The database contains all kinds of Jobs you might want to do. After finding the job of your interest hit apply for this job button and fill in the application form. In the application form set the amount of money you would like to be paid for the job. As a contractor the client (the person you are applying to) always has his/her own payment estimation, this estimation sometimes is minimal compared to the work so don’t suggest to high or too low. Fill in the rest of the information required and hit apply. See sample of applicationletter (Cover letter). You copy and paste the sample and edit it accordingly.

Online Payment Methods 

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