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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Safaricom's webbox: Turning your TV into computer

A webbox is a hardware that turns your TV into a computer. The webbox lets you browse the web using that Television set in your house without any additional hardware or software or drivers.

When you purchase the webbox, the webbox hardware comes with an inbuilt keyboard and a cable to connect to your TV set. Once plugged into your television set, you should be able to access the internet, send SMS, Listen to FM Radio and play games just like you do with your computer.

The webbox does not replace your aerial, dish or decoder for television signal reception and you will need to plug in your aerial, dish or decoder in case you want to view you favorite television programmes.

Neither does the webbox gives you an exclusive use of your TV set to run programs like Word processors or anything similar because it just won’t do that due to limitations but I can assure you that the Webbox has a memory slot to let you save your browsing data.

So far we have only heard safaricom’s webbox and hope that in case of any success on the webboxes introduced by safaricom other networks may follow suite.

At the time of writing the webbox was retailing at 4,999 and the figure might change sooner or latter.

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