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Friday, September 27, 2013

dynamikode USB disk application needs a little improment

dynamikode USB disk application needs a little improvement

I admire the art and design the developers of dynamikode USB disk security have committed into building the USB disk security application. For certain the dynamikode USB disk security is one of the most important applications in Microsoft Windows environment for one to have on their system.

One of the features dynamikode USB disk security perform is to monitor and log information about files sent from your windows computer to USB drives. This feature can be handy in monitoring and logging the names and types of files that are sometimes copied illegally from your windows system..

As interesting as this may sound, having an application like dynamikode USB disk security on your system especially if you are working on a computer that in some cases is shared you may need the like of  dynamikode USB disk security.

When the need arouse to monitor my USB drives, I came along this interesting application while googling.

The application dynamikode USB disk security installed and worked perfectly on my system though there is one thing i noticed that if the developers dynamikode USB disk security are not careful to fix might make dynamikode USB disk security a failed application.

While restarting my windows system I noticed the dynamikode USB disk security requires a password set every time the system is restarted. This might looked like a simple thing but in a case where you are not around a malicious user who knows this can copy files to USB flash, restart the system and clear activity log because there will be no password to protect against such action.

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