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Friday, April 11, 2014

Applying For KRA PIN - How to

Get KRA pin 

 Applying for KRA Pin online

The Kenya Revenue Authority - Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a number used to identify you as an individual taxpayer. The PIN could be the one that identifies you personally or your business/company.

To obtain KRA PIN you must possess one of the following as a basic requirement; 

1.       A national Identity card (ID) or
2.       A certificate of registration of your organization

Why do I need KRA PIN

Is it something I can do without? 

Definitely yes, but under the 13th schedule of the income tax act revision Finance Act 2012 outlines all forms of transactions requiring PIN.

These transactions include; -
  • ·          Registration of title and instrument stamping
  • ·       Approval of plans and payment of water deposits
  • ·         Registration of motor vehicles, transfer of motor  Vehicles, licensing under the Traffic Act   (Cap. 403)
  • ·         Registration of businesses names
  • ·         Company registration
  • ·         Underwriting of insurance policies
  • ·         Trade licensing
  • ·         Registration of Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • ·         Importation of goods Customs Clearing and Forwarding – Payment of customs and excise duty
  • ·         Payment of deposits for power (KPLC) connections.
  • ·         All contracts, supply of goods and services to all government ministries and public bodies.

Without the KRA Pin you may not be able to transact any form of business as outlined in the 13th schedule of the income tax act.

How do i get my KRA Pin?
You can apply for KRA Pin online or you can visit KRA offices. KRA offices are spread all over Kenya especially in all major towns.

To apply of KRA Pin online just visit www.kra.go.ke

Click on KRA online services link and chose click here to
Choose new taxpayer if you are applying for the first time or get password existing taxpayer if you already have a pin certificate.

Enter your credential and click on validate.

If you are having problem locating the link to online application for KRA Pin you can use this link

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