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Monday, April 14, 2014

Buying land in Kenya - Real Estate

Simple guide to buying land in Kenya - Real Estate

Buying land in Kenya is somewhat confusing and requires thorough and proper window shopping around.  It might be time consuming but buying land in Kenya requires just that. More over Kenya has been in the spotlight for irregular land allocation spanning from almost all successive governments since independence.

The irregular land allocation in Kenya has not only affected the citizens of Kenya but also foreign individuals and companies. 

Examples: land buying in Kenya

A good example is the Syokimau estate incident where about 300 houses were demolished in 2011 following a cabinet decision that flight paths to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport needed to be secured.

The argument here was that the land in question belonged to Kenya Airport Authority and was sold off by government officials from both the municipality of Mavoko and land officials where fake titles were issued.
Interesting, isn’t it? Not if you are a victim. 

Effects: owning Land in Kenya

Today almost the majority of Kenyans have been at one point in life subjected to forceful eviction either by torching of the whole houses if it is a slam or where the houses in question are in an established estate the Syokimau demolition system is the way to go.

 Almost all of these demolitions and burning are performed during the glee hours of the night.
In any case if you are still interested in buying land in Kenya, be it for agricultural or commercial purpose you should read the Ndungu land report and any other land report in the Kenyan public domain. 

Opportunity: Kenya land ownership

Every scam put aside, Kenya is a country where land for all purpose is available, agricultural and commercial.  If you can only put sometime into buying land in Kenya then, you may be able to appreciate your decision to invest in land.

Whether you subscribe to the services of a land agent, a lawyer or you decide to go it alone and with bare hands, taking your time to study the locations and the history of the lands for or on sale should be your first step towards successful purchase and ownership of land in Kenya.

The Kenyan law does not prohibit both citizens and foreigners from owning land in Kenya either. So give it a shot.
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