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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kenya Examination Management Disaster

Education disaster in Kenya

As with any other government ministry, the Kenya education ministry is not functioning as it would. Whether this government department is under siege or if it is just clever idleness or rather pure laziness I cannot tell.
What I can tell though is that everything is going wrong and totally wrong. 

From the look of things one can tell that we are headed in the opposite direction with digitization.
Your argument is has no basis. “You reason”.

Well, if I may be bold to ask. Where are the KCPE results or KCSE results for 2013? Several weeks later and after the final announcement of both KCSE and KCPE results by the Education Secretary, the Examination website KNEC is still showing the 2012 KCSE and KCPE results.

Is the Kenya Education Ministry short of data entry clerks? Or are the previous years’ KCSE and KCPE results still have security issues that prevent their availability to the public? I wonder.

Politics aside, we want information labeled public to be available online and in time. If we as Kenyans are serious about digital revolution, then it should be in word and deed. 

KCSE and KCPE results are public documents and should always be public. That is why every year KCPE and KCSE results are announced and aired live on television and radio.

But it cannot be of much help just to announce the national examination results on TV and Radio and the Daily Newspapers only. That information should also be made available online for quick and future reference.
My argument is that it is very difficult to walk with a copy of an old magazine in pocket or a copy of a CD or Tape I recorded the minister announcing the KCSE or KCPE results as a reference.

It is just impossible if not difficult. 

When information is made live online, it becomes easy to access it and print it out on a hard copy whenever needed.

There is too much boasting in the public about digital thing but in reality our achievement in the digital world is not anywhere near.

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