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Monday, April 7, 2014

Water Melon Farming

If you are considering farming as a means to secure financial stability, then you are definitely viewing the right page.
Well, what is watermelon and what are its health benefits? Can I sustain myself farming watermelon? You ask.
Depending on your questions, watermelon farming can be one of the most interesting farming you’ ll ever come across.
Due to its early maturity period, watermelons can be cultivated throughout the year. Watermelons are drought resistant vines. They do well also in wet weather.
Once you have prepared your garden, plant about 3 seeds directly between 2 and 5 cm deep.  Spacing 2 meters by 1 meter.  Watermelons prefer light and fertile soils.
You may want to remove and leave 1 or 2 vigorously growing plant per hole or hill. Watermelons don’t like disturbances so while inter-cultivating do not disturb the roots and vines.
For optimum harvest allow on 4 or five watermelon fruits per plan by removing the rest.
As mentioned earlier, watermelons mature quickly, between 55days to 65days though that may depend on the weather. Wet weather prolongs maturity while hot weather quickens the maturity days.
For repeated harvest, you should remove mature fruits yourself.
Market for watermelons is always there.

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