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Friday, June 6, 2014

KUCCPS : How to apply for a degree or diploma course


What is kuccps

Kuccps is the predecessor of JAB or Joint Admission Board.

Kuccps stands for Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services.

 Just as its name Kuccps brings together all universities and colleges degree and diploma courses in one place so as to make it easier for students seeking enrolment into the universities and colleges in Kenya find admission into the universities and colleges according to their KCSE grade performance.

Cut off point

The theory behind kuccps cut off points is the fact that enrolment of student applicants into the universities and colleges in Kenya, be it for degree or diploma courses, is based on two important factors.
  1. It is calculated using the overall performance analysis of the KCSE Examination results.
  2. The cut of points is based on the total declared capacity for degree programmes under Government sponsorship e.g
  • In the 2013 KCSE Examination results the Kuccps Placement Service set the cut off point for degree programmes at 60 points or mean grade B for male applicants while female candidates are required to have at least 58 points or B- .
  • For diploma programmes, Kuccps Board of Placement Service require applicants to have a minimum overall mean grade of C- in order to be eligible.

KUCCPS Admission of Candidates into the public or private universities

Before admission into any university or college, a candidate is usually required to apply to any university or college of their choice detailing their course of choice as per their KCSE Examination performance or any other admissible qualifications they might have.

Keeping track of which college or university offers what and what, and making certain that your application is sent to more than one university can be very tiresome. Using online application system (OAS) candidates submit their application to one central place where every Kuccps Members where members are universities and colleges in Kenya can view almost every information about the student applicant quickly and effectively.

KUCCPS online Application

To begin applying using kuccps online application system, you need to create an account with kuccps. To create an account.

Before an applicant is admitted to the university or college

1. performance analysis
2. cut off point for admission to degree programmes
3. minimum overall grade
4. Placement Service
5. degree programmes under Government sponsorship
6. co-ordinate the Placement of Government Sponsored Students to Universities and Colleges
7. total declared capacity for degree programmes under Government sponsorship
8. A placement Policy and procedure for placement was subsequently developed
9. approved by the Board of the Placement Service

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