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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Containing and Preventing Asthma

Described by some doctors as white blood cells reaction to prevent the body from losing water when water supply in your system is low, Asthma according to statistics from World Health Organization estimates puts the number of people suffering from Asthma world wide at 235 million individuals. Asthma is also said to be the most common chronic disease among children.

Asthma can occur to any individual at any stage in life. Asthma causes breathlessness, wheezing, fatigue and sleeplessness.

Asthma attacks are majorly caused by allergies to low temperature, dust or animal hair. There also exist exercise induced broncho-spasm, where Asthma attack is cause by putting the body into any activity that accelerate breathing rhythm.

 Managing and controlling Asthma attack is straight and flawless.

In an old African way, the Asthma patient was given a mixture of lemon juice and soda ash to clear the air passage. This method effectively controlled the situation and the patience recording significant improvement within hours of lemon juice and soda ash administration.

Apart from traditional home remedy methods used to prevent and contain Asthma, there are known drugs that also clears the air passage in case of Asthma attack. Drugs like Ventolin(albuterol) are prescription drugs used to clear airways and increase air flow to the lungs although some people may be allergic to albuterol.

Known methods to use to control Asthma

  • Once you have ministered air passage clearing drug, try to use hot water to massage the chest of the patient for about 20 - 30 minutes to allow blood circulation into the chest area.
  • Drink enough water always
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