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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Obesity - Losing weight overnight

Obesity is a common problem to people of all races, age and denomination. Developed countries struggle to keep obesity cases under minimum possible ratio. Regardless of the government and other non governmental agencies input into obesity control, the true cure to obesity is an individual decision.

The reason for me to single out an individual as the sole determiner of how and what he/she weighs is based on one factor limiting any other person beyond you personally, is because you are the person controlling what you eat when and where.

Overweight problem does not only interferes with how you look,  but being overweight also controls how you feel at any particular moment. Obesity renders your emotions dull. In other words you become moody possibly bad or worse.

Another problem with being obese is that you develop heart problems. Your heart is limited in its work to supply your body with blood and oxygen. If you grow more flesh than necessary, your heart which is similar to a compressor pumping and sucking air in its function, tries to adjust to fulfill the new demand for more air and blood to be pumped and sucked for all your body parts.

If your heart cannot fulfill this demand, the blood pressure in your body falls and there is a slow circulation of blood. As we all understand that life is in the blood, the parts of your body that does not receive proper circulation of blood will ail in due time and moreover your heart too will malfunction.

To fight off obesity or over weight problems there are some few tips you can follow to save yourself from any form of heart disease or any similar problem without using any obesity drug. Drugs sometimes fail due to limited availability though until now I have no clue as to whether drugs can eliminate obesity effectively.

  • Make sure your body is well hydrated - enough water in your blood helps eliminate wastes that sometimes accumulate in your body.

  • Eat well and keep drinking lots of water even when your are eating - enough fluid in your stomach helps with digestion and allows nutrients to be absorbed quickly into your blood stream apart from cleaning up your system

  • Exercise- this is the hardest part in fighting obesity and without it your over weight body may not feel healthy. Exercise should just involve a few moves a day like press-ups, jogging or even playing so don't make it a do or die mission in your fight with obesity. Make eliminating overweight a hobby!

  • Last but not least is Prayer - prayer helps a lot even if your not religious.  Sometimes back i developed an irregular heart rhythm and i thought that it was so because i was overweight. Every time i felt my heart rhythm change i could take sometimes out and do some exercise to exorcise the problem. After sometimes my condition grew worse and i had to exercise daily in order to keep my heart rhythm steady.

The problem went on for sometimes until i began praying about it. When it stopped completely i realize it was demonic. So keep yourself healthy by any means necessary!



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