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Sunday, January 18, 2015

online marketiing tools

  5 things you need to transact online

1. mobile phone
Whether you have a stationed office or not, mobile phone is one of the main gadgets that drive business online and is a required item in running a successful online marketing. Mobile phones especially in Kenya have become like KRA PIN number because of its ability to contain nearly all information about the holder.

A general rule about having your mobile number used in online business is that it is portable and can be reached any time of the day, unless you are in a remote location where network signals are faint.

2. Whatsup
Whatsup app  - This is another useful communication gadget that has risen too fast to become top most used business application. Whatsup app allows you to send videos, images and other documents to any recipient with a mobile phone with whatsup installed. Whatsup app requires only your mobile number to route all message and items sent to you. You will also need a whatsup app account to use whatsup app. Its free

3. email address
With online marketing you can’t afford to miss having an operational email address as a communication tool in your marketing strategy. Email is simply an electronic mail analogous to postal mail which we all grew up using.

With an email address you can send and receive text and attachments such as images and other documents.

Successful uses of email as an online marketing tool is determined by how constantly you monitor you incoming mails

a) Monitoring your emails constantly

As explained, email is useful for your online marketing strategies but only if it is constantly monitored for incoming mails
               i) How to Constantly monitor incoming emails using your mobile phone
               ii) How to Constantly monitor incoming emails using your PC
4. Skype
This is another most important tool that as you think towards joining millions of successful users who have made it in online business, you should consider. Skype is a video conferencing tool that enables you to connect and communicate with your clients via video link. What you need is a computer and a headset

            Downloading and installing Skype on Your Phone

            Install Skype for PC

5. website (optional)
for someone who only wants to dispose of old house hold items or seasonal farm harvest, having a website might be a big and expensive venture and may opt to use sites like olx to advertise and sell their items but if you have constant supply of goods requiring disposal you may need to run your own website

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