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Monday, August 15, 2016

Examination Management System for class teachers

OEMS or Online Examination Management System is an electronic grading system designed to facilitate and manage student exam and tests. In short OEMS is your most preferred tool for exam analysis.  OEMS combines the power of spreadsheet application and relational database management system into one powerful web based application able to collect, store, manipulate and retrieve student’s exam score performance. 

What can OEMS do for me?
With OEMS you have the most sophisticated score analysis application at your disposal. OEMS  only expects the list of your students and the subjects you would want to grade. After that you can enter score for each student one at a time or all at once and update any score record without interfering with the other scores.   

It is that simple, if you have been using Microsoft excel or trying to learn Microsoft excel you know how entering formulas sometimes require more than just you can imagine
After you have added your students score details into OEMS  system, you should now be able to;-
1.       See each student with their grades, total score, mean score, rank and score per subject.
2.       You will be able to tell whether who between girls and boys in your class are doing fine
3.       Compare performance per student between 3 terms of the year
4.       Compare performance per student between last year and the current year
5.       Print end term report cards
6.       Send the result analysis to the headmaster so that the headmaster can add remarks that will appear on the report card
7.       Add your own remarks as the class teacher
8.       Email the resulting report as a soft copy  to the parent

OEMS is a web based application that requires no installation, you access OEMS through your computer, phone or tablet via a web browser. To get started, you need to sign up/register an account for free. If you have been using the internet for sometime you realize and know how to sign up/register. If you are new to the internet just pop into a cyber cafe and request help in creating an account. You will need a working Email address (an email you have access to).
Once you are through with signing up, click on:
Manage School menu to add your school information
Proceed to Manage Exams Menu, You will be prompted to add class. Add your class details e.g. "1 Red" or "Form 4 East" or "KG 3". The class information is required before you can add students.
After successful entry of class information. Move to Manage Students Menu to add students.
After successful entry of students you can begin adding Exam information. 
Exam information requires you to specify dates of the exam. That is when did the Exam began and when did the Exam Ended. It also requires an Exam name. Exam name is used to differentiate an Exam from other Exams. It is also this name that will appear on your students report cards. You are required to add names of your students once unless you have anew student. Every time add new exam, OEMS will auto load the names of your students into Exam Console for you to their score. 
Click below to

NB OEMS tends to make the work of class teachers as easy as possible so that teachers can attend to more pressing issues like lesson and exam preparation. Teaching is more than just appearing in class.

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