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advertise-with-topshopmedia reviewed on 27th December 2014
TopShopMedia was started in 2012 and since then we have achieved quite a lot of success  in sharing knowledge. Though, in process to keep paying for our server and maintainance feed, we offer various advertisement options to interested advertisers. Though, we are very strict about accepting advertisements as we have niche readers who trust us.

At TopShopMedia, we talk about Internet Service Providers, Mobile services, Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Business marketing, SEM, Make Money online, Affiliate marketing and any other related topic.

The Current Advertising Options are:

Advertisement Banners and Buttons

    468*60 – Header (up for grabs at KES 3000 per month ) reviewed
    728*90 Leader-board – (up for grabs at KES 3500 per month) reviewed
    125*125 Button   – Sidebar (Top) (up for grabs at KES 1500 per month) reviewed
    300*250 Sidebar (Below the fold) : KES 2000 per month reviewed

 Sponsored posts
Review posts (for products needing review)  (KES 5000) the review post is lifetime, meaning as long as topshopmedia.com is a live your product review will not be removed from this blog) reviewed

a sponsored post is a post we write for you about your product. Either you have a website you want us talk about or you have a product you are launching or any other topic that interests you and you are confortable us writing about it and letting the world know about it, we are here to assist. Simply when we write a post about your product or about something that interest you, We follow strict rules that guide our internet marketing strategy.
  1. All posts are Search Engine Optimized - Meaning your product will be available through internet searches in days with your preferred KeyWord.
  2. We will not remove the post whatsoever from our website unless at your request.
  3. We link directly to your website through the post so that our users can visit your website . 
Alternatively you can choose to write your own article, just let us know and we'll advise

RSS Feed Advertisement option

    By line of 25 words : KES2000/month (Will go at the footer of all the posts)
    468*60 Advertisement banner ($150/month) not supported

Product review

We accept product review related to WordPress, Blogging, SEO. Though depending upon product, we charge or sometime we giveaway for free. For product review queries, get in touch.

Payment mode : We accept Payment via Paypal, Mpesa.

Note : Along with Advertisement option of TopShopMedia, we also deal with the providing you with advertisement solution on other blogs on the same niche with good PR and traffic. Contact us for any queries

Tel: +254 720589615 (SMS only please)

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